Endometriosis and the Unexpected Period

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Today I got my period and I cried. I appreciate this isn’t exactly a normal reaction, but I don’t usually have periods. At all.

Since May 2013, I’ve had the Nexplanon implant in place. Once it had settled in properly, I’ve only ever had some light breakthrough bleeding. The breakthrough bleeding was usually old blood and disappeared within a day.

This is way too much of an overshare but it’s a normal period. I’m just thankful that I still had some sanitary products in the house or else I’d have been stuck.

Maybe I should have seen this coming to be honest. I’ve had bad pelvic pain on and off for a while and my back has been aching more than normal. I’ve also only wanted to eat Kinder chocolate and Monster Munch the last couple of days. I’ve had this weird low-level nausea and I’ve been struggling to sleep, followed by sleeping way too much. It explains why I’ve been feeling a lot more anxious than I have been lately too. I may have been moody and irrational too but I’ll never admit it.

The thing is, when I had the breakthrough bleeds, I never had any of the normal period symptoms, so it’s been over six years since I had those too. It was just like “surprise, here’s an unwanted bleed which will last less than 24 hours”. Not “surprise, the imp with the steel toe capped boots has taken up residence again. Oh, and yes, he is stabbing you in some intimate places with a red hot poker”.

I’ll admit, I’ve forgotten just how much they hurt! I get non-period, period pain which is painful but I’d forgotten just where hurts when I have a proper period. I am mostly laid on the sofa cuddling my hot water bottle right now.

Cuddling my Hot Water Bottle
Cuddling my Hot Water Bottle

I understand why I’ve reacted by bursting into tears. Until I speak to my doctor later, I’m in the unknown. I thought that the Nexplanon was working almost perfectly and I could keep using that going forward. It’s only almost perfectly because every time I’ve had a new implant fitted, I’ve needed to take Provera to level out my hormones for three months. It could just be a blip and I maybe need to take another course of Provera to get my hormones levelled out properly. Or maybe the Nexplanon isn’t working for me anymore.

I’m a worst-case scenario planner because if the worst doesn’t happen, it’s a nice surprise and if the worst does happen, I’m prepared for it. I just don’t know what happens if it is the worst-case scenario and the Nexplanon has stopped working. I don’t want to go back to irregular, and debilitating periods. I don’t want to be popping even more pills daily because I can’t function without them.

Back in the bad endo days, this was the number of tablets I was taking four times a day.
Back in the bad endo days, this was some of tablets I was taking four times a day.

Like I said though until I speak to my Doctor, there’s not much I can do but wait and see and take pain meds.

On a side note, I appreciate I’ve not posted in a while and before this happened, I had planned on posting to let you all know where I’ve been recently. That will be up in the next few days and then hopefully, there’ll be more of a schedule for when I post starting in the New Year.


Lis x


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