27 Gift Ideas for a Chronic Illness Warrior

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Chronic illness warriors…possibly the hardest people to buy a gift for. I should know, I am one. Whenever anyone asks me what I’d like for my birthday or Christmas, my mind goes blank. This usually results in me receiving some kind of alcohol which 90% of the time is very appreciated and does get used…hic.

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For the other 10% of the time though, I’m usually high as a kite on pain meds so adding alcohol into the mix is not a good idea, ever.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled 27 gift ideas for the chronic illness warrior in your life that isn’t alcohol or a spa day. Although a spa day would be nice. If you don’t have a chronic illness warrior in your life, hopefully this will give you some gift ideas for the person who is impossible to buy for every year.

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  1. Heatable Slippers

Chronic illness warrior or not, what’s not to love about heatable slippers?! Perfect for those chilly winter days and nights to keep your feet warm when you’re not feeling 100%.

  1. Cosy Cardigan

Personally, I alternate between long cardigans and baggy hoodies when I’m at home. The benefit of long cardigans is they go perfectly with item three on the list and you can wear them out of the house if you need to. They’re also cosy and warm which is always a bonus.

  1. Leggings

I own four pairs of these leggings. They are so soft and the high waist has enough stretch in them that even if you’re mid flare up, they don’t feel tight. The added bonus is they don’t go see-through like other leggings do. Perfect gift for your chronic illness warrior.

  1. Snuggly Blanket
A photo of me living my best life, wrapped up in a blanket and hiding in my hoodie.

I absolutely love this blanket. It’s so snuggly and warm. One thing that anyone with a chronic illness will tell you our bad days can be physical, emotional, or mental health issues. On those bad days, it’s all three at once. This blanket is perfect especially for the days where you don’t want to stay in bed all day but you need some cosy comfort on the sofa.

I might own this blanket in three different colours…

  1. Bedside Organiser

This would be perfect for any chronic illness warrior who doesn’t have a bedside table or it’s awkward to reach. The added advantage is the bedside caddy can also attach to sofas so instead of having to carry lots of things, you can put them in the caddy and move everything together.

  1. Comfy Bed Socks

I am a big fan of comfy socks. I may have mentioned them a couple of times recently. As I mentioned in my Menopause Symptoms Part 2 post, wearing socks in bed can help you to fall asleep faster. Comfy socks are just another comforting thing I think everyone needs when they’re not feeling their best. You can never have too many socks since the washing machine monster likes to eat one sock from every pair.

  1. Pen

This one is a little random but when you’re high as a kite on pain medication, you can get quite scatty brained. A brilliant gift would be a nice pen and notebook (item 8).

  1. Notebook

A notebook to go with the pen mentioned in item 7. It’s perfect for jotting down important things you need to remember and it has a wallet section in the front so you can keep any important documents in there like appointment letters. It’s also handy for someone with a chronic illness to note down anything that they want to talk to their doctor about at their appointment and to make notes while they’re there.

  1. Back Massager

Spare a thought for the single spoonies out there. When we get back ache, we have nobody to massage it for us. This cordless back massager is perfect because it has a long handle, it’s rechargeable, and it means you can reach those achy spots when you’re alone.

  1. Laptop Table

Something like this laptop table is perfect for the chronic illness warrior who needs to work from home aka work from their bed. Not only can you use it for your laptop but it can be used as a tray for meals in bed, and anything else that you’d need a table for.

  1. Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle is pretty self explanatory. Brilliant for relieving any aches and pains. This feels like another one of those things where you can’t have too many.

  1. Pill Box

Not exactly a fun gift but a very practical one. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s accidentally taken an extra dose of their pain medication because I’ve been that out of it, I’ve forgotten I’d already taken my pills. Wasn’t one of my finest moments. Yes, it’s happened more than once. This pill box means there is no worry about taking too many meds or missing a dose because they’re already organised.

  1. Leg Pillow

This leg pillow falls into the more useful than fun category. Perfect for anyone who suffers with any leg, back, or hip pain. It’s also helpful for people with endometriosis because when you prop your legs up, it eases pelvic pain. It’s a more sturdy alternative to a pile of pillows.

  1. Streaming Device

Streaming devices did make it onto the list. There are some days where someone with a chronic illness won’t have the brain power to do more than watch mindless TV (Below Deck and Selling Sunset, I’m looking at you). They may not have a streaming stick in their bedroom or their house.

If they already have a streaming device then an alternative would be a gift voucher for their favourite streaming service. Talking about money is a difficult subject and your friend could be struggling if they’re on sick pay. By getting them a gift voucher, it’s one less expense they’ll have to worry about and they’ll be able to stay entertained while they’re stuck at home.

  1. Sheet Masks

I’ve added sheet masks to the list because it’s something that someone with a chronic illness can do for themselves without having to get out of bed. It seems silly but just being able to put a sheet mask on and relax for 10 minutes can help.

If you’re worried about adding to landfill waste, Vitamasques sells biodegradable sheet masks. You can view their biodegradable sheet masks here. If you place an order, use the code MODERNGIRLSENDO as you’ll get 15% off your order.

  1. Dr PawPaw

Dr PawPaw is a brilliant multipurpose balm. It can be used on chapped lips, sore noses, and cuticles just to name a few. Lip balm is up there on the list on things you can never own too many. I have them all over my house, in my handbag, and in my car.

  1. Slow Cooker

There are a few more useful but not necessarily fun gift ideas coming up. The first one is a slow cooker. A slow cooker is perfect for someone with a chronic illness for the days where they may not have the energy to stand and cook a meal. All that needs to be done is the ingredients are thrown into the slow cooker and left to do their thing. It’s also perfect for those meals after a long day at work.

  1. Recipe Book

A slow cooker recipe book was always going to follow a slow cooker. There is one which has recipes for both beginners and pro slow cooker users along with a recipe book which features 333 dishes for anytime of day.

  1. Meal Prep Containers

I’ve included these meal prep containers as they’re used for batch cooking and they’re freezer/dishwasher/microwave safe which makes them perfect for any slow cooker leftovers. From personal experience, there are days I don’t want to cook beyond throwing something in the microwave. They’re also reusable which is a huge plus.

  1. Water Filter

Hydration is something I mentioned in the Menopause Symptoms Part 2. Staying hydrated is really important whether you have a chronic illness or not. I decided a few years ago to switch from bottled water to using a water filter for two very good reasons. One – I was running out of room in my recycling bin and Two – I did not want to keep using single use plastic. Now I drink more water than I used to and the cartridges go to my local recycling point when they’re no longer usable.

  1. Water Bottle

Keeping with the hydration theme, this water bottle is brilliant. I ordered one a couple of months ago and I wouldn’t be without it now. It’s leak-proof and it holds a litre of fluid. It holding a litre is perfect for pre-scan bladder filling. The motivational timings are really handy if you’re a bit rubbish at remembering to hydrate regularly.

  1. Yoga Mat

I’ve included a yoga mat on the list because gentle exercise such as Yoga or Pilates can be helpful. If you’re a chronic illness warrior, please consult your doctor before undertaking any kind of exercise.

  1. Colouring Supplies

Sometimes we all need something mindless to do and colouring can help to relax the mind and give someone with a chronic illness something to do when they’re having a flare up and can’t move too much. Whether it’s colouring pencils or pens, someone will be ready to colour or doodle. Can’t beat doodling.

  1. Colouring Books

Colouring books, the perfect companion to colouring supplies. There is a huge range of colouring books available so you’ll be able to find something perfect for your friend. Personally, I lean towards the more offensive ones. And everyone needs a reminder from time to time that they’re a mother f*cking badass.

  1. Jigsaws

Who doesn’t love a good jigsaw? It’s something fun you can do and it’s not too taxing physically. Mentally though…maybe? Whether it’s a traditional jigsaw or a wasgij, it’s going to give someone hours of fun.

  1. Jigsaw Portapuzzle

A portapuzzle is the perfect gift for any jigsaw lover. I’ve had one for years and it’s perfect for storing an incomplete jigsaw and moving it between rooms. Some days, even sitting at a table is too difficult so being able to use this in bed or sat on the sofa is brilliant.

  1. Gift subscription
An image of a glossybox

There is a huge selection of subscription boxes out there to choose from. Pick one you know your friend will love. If your friend loves make up, skincare, hair, and other beauty products, I highly recommend Glossybox. I’ve been a subscriber for a few years now and I love getting my box each month. Plus if you use my link, you get £5 off your first box.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration from this gift guide to buy something for the chronic illness warrior in your life. Or for the person who’s difficult to buy for most of the time. There’s a lot of things I could have added to this list so look out for a follow up post in the future.

If you’re a chronic illness warrior, let me know in the comments what your ideal gift would be.

Lis x

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